Get real-time and accurate weather data directly to your iPhone and iPad simultaneously from:


- Wunderground;

- Openweather;

- DarkSky.

Search meteo all over the World directly from the satellite:

- 4 different live weather forecast available (NOAA, Wunderground, Openweather, DarkSky);

- Check as a radar the detailed weather conditions directly from the map;

- Search weather forecast by cityname or geolocation (latitude, longitude - GPS location service supported) and current position;

- Save your favorites, national, local cities so you can access them quickly;

- If offline, lastly available observations will always be accessible for your favorites cities.

Coverage all USA/North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

Available weather data:

- Current weather conditions;

- Sunrise and sunset time;

- Min and max temperature (Fahrenheit ºF or Celsius ºC);

- Dewpoint temperature;

- Wind direction, wind speed, wind gust;

- Humidity and relative humidity (RELH);

- Sea Level Pressure (SLP);

- Storm, alerts, warnings;

- Precipitation (rain, snow);

- Details pressure values;

- Marine and buoys stations info;

- Visibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: with this App we display all the AVAILABLE weather data. If you don't see some values, please understand it is not our fault but a lack of information at the source. Hence, do not leave (please) a bad review for something we can't fix, as on reviews depends our survival on the market.

Unique app in the Store!

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." - Anthony J. D'Angelo